Handling a true giant

The summer and the important expos like CeBIT, Computex and Gamescom are over and we are approaching autumn slowly. Most of the manufacturers already presented their product lineup for 2015 and the stuff showed at the expos is getting available currently. As a technical writer / reviewer the period is always busy and fast-paced. The vendors want to get good ratings from the media to feed their pr machinery before christmas. Therefore they are flooding the tech and review magazines with testsamples with no mercy. On the one hand I am excited to test the new stuff in real life. On the other hand the procedure is the same every year. During summer everything is chilled and relaxed in spite of the amount of work. But at the end of august / beginning of september we are getting overwhelmed with review inquiries and samples until christmas. The next victim which will be tortured in my lab is from Antec. More precisly it is Antec’s latest flagship called „Signature S10“. It’s a big E-ATX case which was officially presented at the Computex in June. The Signature S10 is huge, heavy and built for absolute top-notch rigs with multiple videocards, several drives and a beefy processor. The Signature S10’s design is modern and unique. The interior is divided into three different chambers. Each chamber is constructed for specific components. Therefore the airflow can be set individually. I am writing the review for Technic3D.com where it is going to be published soon. Stay tuned :)

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